Dragon Quest X Translation Project


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Our small team maintains a variety of utilities to empower English-speaking players of the MMORPG Dragon Quest X (DQX).

For help, the team hangs out in the DQX Worldwide Discord. Post your questions in #clarity-questions.

dqxclarity github-mark

dqxclarity is a Python program that enables the game to display in English. It uses both a live translation service and modded game file to render English in the game client.

Installation and FAQ

dqxconfig github-mark

Several of DQX’s settings (Sound, BGM, controller settings, keyboard settings, etc.) are controlled in an external utility packaged with the game named DQXConfig.exe. This configuration is entirely in Japanese and additionally will display a bunch of question marks if you don’t have the Japanese language pack installed on your computer. It has been updated to reflect the English language instead.

Installation and FAQ

dqxlauncher github-mark

DQX’s launcher is entirely in Japanese. This version of the launcher does some swaps of the Japanese assets (images and text) with English assets. This makes it easier to navigate and read error messages.

Installation and FAQ

send to chat github-mark

DQX has several quests that require you to type in Japanese in order to progress. This can prove difficult as your average English player does not know how to type in Japanese. Additionally, there is no copy/paste support in the game.

This tool aims to solve this by pasting the Japanese into the chat box for you. Most of the known chat quests are embedded in the program and you can simply select them from a dropdown.

Installation and FAQ

ahkmon github-mark

An autohotkey program that renders an overlay over the game using a live translation tool to translate various elements of this game. This tool is the predecessor to dqxclarity and is not recommended for use, but some still prefer it.

It does not receive updates regularly and is not actively supported. Use at your own risk.

Installation and FAQ

dqx troubleshooting and faq

An unordered list of issues that have been seen either during installation or while playing.